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Security Awareness Training

Unlimited computer-based security awareness training

Empower your people with knowledge to make better decisions

Bait and Phish Security Awareness Training offers high quality, user-friendly and engaging web based training.

The training contains real world examples and demos to keep content relevant and engaging with a quiz to test users on what they have learnt. This allows them to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job immediately.

Administrators have an intuitive portal to manage and assign training, record participation, passes and fails and run reports to continually monitor the training of your users.

Administrators can create training campaigns and assign users to complete training in a certain time period as well as automate the notification (emails) of what training has been assigned, when it starts and how to access the training. The system can also send out automated reminders when users have not started or not completed the assigned training to largely eliminate the often tedious process of keeping track of this in traditional training platforms.

At-a-glance dashboard graphs and tables show what percentage of your users have completed training, who has yet to sign in and those who have not started or completed.

When users receive their training link they sign into the portal and self-create their username and password eliminating the need for an administrator’s involvement.

security awareness training

Why use our training?


Traditional in-house training just doesnt cut it anymore. Employees, especially the next generation, do not like sitting in a room listed to boring talks and presentations. If they do it is typically just to get a check next to their name and anything that they do learn is often forgotten immediately or within days, making this type of training virtually useless.


Today your employees are exposed to increasingly sophisticated attacks which can trick nearly everyone. We use real world examples and update our training regularly to include new examples that we see gaining popularity.


Assigning training couldnt be easier. Create a campaign for the group of users you would like to train, the course you would like to assign them and a start and end date. We send out welcome emails and reminder emails to users that have not completed the training. You can see who has done the training and if they have passed or failed.


Users can sign up and create their own password. Use any device to train on and can leave and come back to their training at any time.

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Base Security Awareness Training

The full 45-minute training educates users on their role, a re-visit on some of the basics that they should be familiar with and provides a more in-depth look on malware and social engineering threats. We reccommend that this is assigned to everyone at least once.

We also have a 30 minute version and a condensed 15 minute version which touch on the same topics with less detail, we recommend at least yearly for those that have done the full training or on a as needed basis.

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Primer 101 Courses

We have another 6 courses covering some of the topics found in the Security Awarenes Training in more detail. These can be assigned to users on an ad-hoc basis whenever you feel that the training would be relevant to them.

These courses are short, to the point and deal with a single topic:

  • Mobile Security 101
  • Handling Sensitive Information 101
  • Safe Web Browsing 101
  • Social Media Security 101
  • Passwords 101
  • Phishing 101
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    Our training contains screenshots and content from real world examples to educate your employees and show them what to look out for. We also have short demo videos which illustrate some of the tricks and technology hackers use to exploit weaknesses in your human firewall. These help by reinforcing the message that the training is both real and relevant, and that if you are not careful, both yourself and the company are at risk.

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